ASTM Vice President Speaks at Turkish Standard Symposium

Presenters at the TSI symposium on the Effects of Standardization on the Global Economy included (left to right): Alan Bryden, past secretary general, ISO; Uzeyir Karagoz, secretary general, TSI; Nabil Molla, secretary general, Standardization Organization of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf; Wolfgang Kaerkes, CEO, German Society for Quality; Hulusi ?entürk, president, TSI; and Jeffrey Grove, ASTM International.

On Nov. 25-26, 2013, Jeffrey Grove, vice president for global policy and industry affairs, ASTM International, was one of more than 650 individuals who participated in an international symposium, Effects of Standardization on the Global Economy, in Istanbul, Turkey, sponsored by the Türk Standartlar? Endtitüsü (TSE). Grove made a presentation on multiple pathways for the development of international standards.

TSI and ASTM International have maintained a memorandum of understanding since 2003 to facilitate cooperation in standards development and utilization. Today, more than 900 ASTM standards serve as the basis of Turkish national standards or are referenced in regulations or national standards. In 2012, Bekir Çengelci of TSI staff participated in the ASTM Standards Expert Program, during which he visited ASTM International's global headquarters to learn about the standards development process, attended ASTM committee week meetings, and visited the ASTM Washington, D.C., office to understand ASTM's work with U.S. federal agencies and other standards development organizations.

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