ASTM Hosting Attachment from South Korea Standards Organization

Chang-ae Cho Visiting ASTM from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards

Chang-ae Cho

ASTM International is currently hosting Chang-ae Cho, a standards executive from the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards. Chang arrived at ASTM on March 18 and will work at ASTM headquarters for about nine months.

Chang is a researcher in the conformity assessment division of KATS. While at ASTM, Chang will be studying the public/private partnership of standards development that exists in the United States. During her time at ASTM Chang will:

  • Become knowledgeable about ASTM procedures and tools;
  • Work closely with several ASTM technical committees;
  • Attend technical committee meetings;
  • Visit government agencies;
  • Assist in training standards experts who will visit ASTM later this year; and
  • Make site visits to companies that use ASTM standards.

In addition, Chang will help ASTM International staff better understand how to work with KATS and other Korean experts on international standards development within ASTM.

KATS is providing most of the funding for Chang's visit. ASTM and KATS signed a memorandum of understanding in 2006.

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