ASTM and IEEE Team Up for Capstone Conference

Shown from left to right at the Capstone Design Conference: James Olshefsky, ASTM International; Bruce Harding, Purdue University; Amin Karim, DeVry University; Laura Hitchcock, Boeing; Robert Noth, John Deere (retired); and Howard Wolfman, Lumispec.

As part of this year's Capstone Design Conference, ASTM International and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers recently teamed up on the campus of the University of Illinois to organize an interactive session on the importance of including technical standards education in engineering curricula.

The conference is the third in a series, held previously in 2007 and 2010. The aim of the Capstone Design Conferences is to build a community of educators, students and industry to discuss, analyze and improve capstone design courses typically offered during the senior year in most engineering curricula. The theme of this year's conference was industry involvement in capstone design.

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