ASTM and FiiDEM Renew Collaboration Agreement

Teresa Cendrowska (left), vice president, global cooperation, ASTM International, and Alfonso Ramirez Lavin, general director, FiiDEM, sign a renewal agreement for continued collaboration between ASTM and FiiDEM.

ASTM International and the Alliance for Training and Research Infrastructure for the Development of Mexico (FiiDEM) have renewed their annual agreement for continued collaboration.

FiiDEM is a nonprofit civil organization comprising representatives from government, industry, professional associations and higher education institutions with the aim of innovating and strengthening the infrastructure sector in Mexico. The ASTM-FiiDEM partnership has resulted in broader recognition of ASTM International and its work through regular updates in FiiDEM's newsletter, increased opportunities to engage technical experts through workshops and virtual sessions resulting in broader knowledge and awareness of ASTM standards, and more effective academic outreach.

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