ASTM and FiiDEM Conduct Water Resources Workshop

On Sept. 25, the Alliance for Training and Research Infrastructure for the Development of Mexico, AC (FiiDEM) and ASTM International conducted the workshop "Improving the Quality and Management of Water Resources" in the College of Civil Engineers of Mexico in Mexico City. The purpose of the workshop was to establish criteria for the improvement and quality management of water resources through the use of ASTM standards.

FiiDEM is a nonprofit civil association that links with government, business, higher education institutions and professional associations to innovate and strengthen infrastructure sector capacities in Mexico. ASTM International and FiiDEM signed a letter of cooperation in November 2011. According to the agreement, ASTM and FiiDEM will work together to strengthen and upgrade scientific information on issues related to infrastructure through cooperation with the public and private sectors.

More than 50 people, representing 12 companies, five government agencies, four colleges and five professional associations, attended the workshop. National and international speakers delivered 12 lectures that addressed issues such as:

  • The new ASTM Water Portal;
  • Irrigation and drainage for agriculture;
  • Corrosion control in water infrastructure and the challenges of irrigation infrastructure to increase agricultural production;
  • The importance of standardization for the efficient use of water in buildings;
  • Systems rainwater harvesting using high-density polyethylene pipe and concrete; and
  • Challenges and solutions for water reuse.

Closing remarks were delivered by Alfonso Ramirez Lavin, general director of FiiDEM; Luis Ordoñez, representative of ASTM International in Mexico; and Antonio Iglesias Raúl Benitez, president of the Mexican Association of Hydraulics.

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