The Asia Road Show

ASTM Staff Hits the Road in Korea and China

Staff from ASTM International and its affiliate Safety Equipment Institute hosted a series of events, workshops, and meetings in China and Korea during an “Asia Road Show” held June 19-23.

The road show highlighted how ASTM International standards are globally accepted because they adhere to the World Trade Organization’s principles for the development of international standards.

In addition, the road show team emphasized ASTM International services such as the International Laboratory Directory and Proficiency Testing Programs, which help strengthen lab performance and ensure market acceptance.

William T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award Presented to Kaphong Choi

The week began in Seoul, Korea, where ASTM International member Kaphong Choi, Ph.D., professor in the Graduate School of Management of Technology at Sungkyunkwan University, received one of ASTM International’s highest honors, the William T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award. Choi was honored for outstanding contributions to the knowledge and promotion of voluntary standards on a global scale, and for extraordinary leadership in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment.

Events in Korea

During the road show visit to Korea from June 19 to 21, executives from ASTM International and the Safety Equipment Institute visited Korea-based and multinational laboratories to highlight how ASTM International’s value-added tools and services, and SEI certification, could drive commerce and trade.
Notably, the group met with top officials from the national standards body, the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards, which is a memorandum of understanding partner to ASTM International.

Events in China

The road show moved on to Shanghai, China, on June 22-23. A large kickoff event helped to educate participants about the important role that certification plays in global market acceptance.
ASTM International staff also met with top officials from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. ASTM International has held a memorandum of understanding with the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China for more than a decade, with 21 additional MOUs throughout Asia.


ASTM International staff met with staff at the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, a memorandum of understanding partner. Shown, left to right:. Jaihun Park, director, international standards, KATS;  Pat Gleason, ASTM International vice president, certification, Teresa Cendrowska ASTM International vice president,  global cooperation, Donghee Jung, Administrator, KATS;  MiHee Lim, KATS Staff Attachment to ASTM International.


Tim Brooke, VP of Laboratory Services (right), visits the Intertek Laboratory in Seoul, Korea pictured with: Mr. Colin Oh, General Manager, Cargo department, Intertek (second from right); and Marty Farrell, Director of International Sales (third from right).


Dr. Kaphong Choi, professor in the Graduate School of Management of Technology at Sungkyunkwan University, was presented with the prestigious 2017 William T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award earlier today by Teresa Cendrowska, VP of Global Cooperation.

A member of ASTM International since 2011, Dr. Choi previously served as president of the Korea Testing Certification (KTC), the Korean Standards Association (KSA), and administrator of The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), among other leadership roles in industry and government.

The Cavanaugh Memorial Award honors W.T. Cavanaugh, CEO of ASTM International from 1970 to 1985, who established ASTM International as the world leader in developing and disseminating voluntary consensus standards.



Tim Brooke, ASTM International vice president of laboratory services (center) and Marty Farrell, ASTM International director of international sales (2nd from left) with lab manager Alex Mao (third from left) and others at the textile division of SGS in China, one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies.

Lab tech

While in Shanghai, ASTM International staff visited Inspec International’s Kunshan Laboratory, a contract testing lab for ASTM International affiliate, Safety Equipment Institute. Here, a lab technician performs equestrian helmet testing in accordance with ASTM International’s standard on protective headgear for horse sports.

Dragon Fire

At the manufacturing location for SEI-certified fire service gloves at Dragon Fire PPE manufacturing. Pictured from left to right are: Liu Fei, ASTM Internationals chief representative in China; Pat Gleason, VP of Certification; Teresa Cendrowska, VP of Global Cooperation; and Roger Liu, Dragon Fire's Head Officer for Manufacturing.

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