2012 ASTM Committee Officers' Training Conference

Stephen Mawn, staff manager, ASTM International, leads a round of introductions before beginning a session at the 2012 Officers' Training Workshop.

The 2012 Officers' Training Workshop was held Sept. 11-12 at ASTM International headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa. Approximately 70 ASTM committee officers and technical contacts attended the event. Through 14 different training modules, members had the opportunity to hear from ASTM staff on standards development strategies within the ASTM process and learn about available resources that can help committees operate more efficiently.

Training sessions covered topics such as:

  • Subcommittee chairman duties and responsibilities;
  • Balloting and handling negative votes;
  • Editorial process for standard development and publication; and,
  • Task group chair and technical contact responsibilities.

The training also provided information on supporting programs and services offered by ASTM, such as certification, technical and professional training, interlaboratory studies and proficiency testing. The conference format facilitated learning from staff and from discussions with other committee members and how they use the ASTM process to handle technical committee responsibilities.

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