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Advance with ASTM Industry and Member Training

Training helps you move forward professionally and personally, and ASTM's well-established and recently accredited training program can be part of your development.

Last year, ASTM increased the relevance and usefulness of its training courses when it obtained Accredited Provider status from the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. IACET accreditation means that you can now earn accredited continuing education units when you complete one of our courses. That's useful for maintaining a professional license or improving your employees' proficiency in using ASTM standards.

Here's a look at ASTM training in both the use of our standards and membership skills.

Standards Training

ASTM offers online and in-person courses in petroleum and concrete, environmental site assessment and statistics, and more. All courses reflect the committee expertise that went into developing the standards, and as the standards are updated, so are the courses.

Courses such as the online petroleum lab and construction technician training courses include:

  • Self-guided modules,
  • Hands-on video demonstrations,
  • Step-by-step outlines and procedures,
  • Glossaries, and
  • Review quizzes with automated feedback.

Flexibility is key here; you can stop and start at your own pace.

The petroleum courses, for example, cover 10 types of fuel and the relevant standards for each. You can preview one here. The preview uses the test method for petroleum product distillation and gives you the opportunity to see how an online module is organized and to move through various sections.

For the corrosion testing course, you learn how to conduct the test with an actual chamber brought in to further a practical understanding. The environmental site assessment courses cover such standards as commercial real estate assessment (E1527), among others.

To explore new ideas for industry-related ASTM training or related topics, contact David von Glahn (tel +1.610.832.9591).

Member Training

ASTM also provides regular training sessions that help build the skills our members and committee officers need to develop standards.

You can choose from several online, free one-hour training sessions designed to further your participation in ASTM activities. Some have dates and times already scheduled, and most include a slide presentation on the topic that you can review and save.

Session topics include:

  • Balloting and handling negative votes,
  • Online tools,
  • Roster maintenance,
  • WebEx virtual meetings,
  • Developing and revising an ASTM standard,
  • Electronic balloting,
  • Task group chair and technical contact responsibilities,
  • Interlaboratory studies program, and
  • More.

For overall member training program questions and requests for more information, contact Kristy Straiton in Technical Committee Operations (tel +1.610.832.9640).

Take advantage of ASTM training.

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