ASTM Introduces Mobile App

Meeting Schedules and Rooms at the Ready on Your Smart Phone
Cicely Enright

You're on your way to a committee meeting and you're running late. Maybe traffic was heavier than expected, an early call to the office took longer than planned or you've misplaced your meeting schedule for the first time ever. When does that subcommittee meet? And what room was it in?

No worries. The ASTM mobile app's got you covered.

Use your Android, iPhone or iPod to download the app to doublecheck where you need to be and when. (A Blackberry version is coming.)

While you're looking at your meeting schedule, you can find your meeting room as well, whether it's Liberty A on the second floor, or the Central Ballroom on the mezzanine. Plus, you can review the hotel floor plan to be sure exactly where that room is when your group meets at a committee week. It's easy and convenient with the smart phone in your pocket.

Earl Ruth, director of technology at Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co., Horsham, Pa., and longtime member of ASTM International Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing, says the app is a useful tool. "It's one less piece of paper I have to keep track of," Ruth says.

The app features:

  • Information about upcoming ASTM meetings,
  • Full up-to-date schedule of events,
  • Floor plans for meetings,
  • Venue contact info and directions,
  • Local places from Yelp, and
  • ASTM contact information.

Your "Schedule of Events," organized by date, includes the subcommittee, meeting time and the location, and whether you have already registered for the meeting (if you're registered, that will be indicated next to the meeting heading). You can also access the ASTM meetings information included on the ASTM website. On your phone, you'll find it at the "More Event Information" option, where you can review details about preregistration, spouses' hospitality, complimentary support services and more.

"Venue Information" on the app provides floor plans for committee weeks, contact information and a street map to get there if you need it, and even the capability of making a hotel reservation if you haven't already done so. "ASTM Contact Information" has your committee's staff manager photo - especially helpful for new members or first-time meeting attendees - and the email address for your staff manager. The meetings manager's email is available for committee weeks, and the administrative assistant's email can be found for independent meetings under the "More Event" info tab.

Plus, you can check "Nearby Places" for somewhere to get coffee, find a place to eat, enjoy the nightlife, go shopping and even call a cab. Information about places also includes the reviews available through the Yelp database.

ASTM's mobile app debuted late last year following several months of development by ASTM staff with member input. Across the board, the response came: schedule and venue information. The results can be found at the ASTM app on your smart phone.

Download the ASTM mobile app from your device's app store.

For download or access problems, submit the online form, or call the ASTM Support Desk at 1-800-262-1373 (U.S. or Canada) or 1-610-832-9578 (international) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Please also feel free to leave a message and a technical support representative will contact you.

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