U.S. Government Property Management

A proposed new ASTM International standard will provide guidance for the contractor self-assessment program that addresses the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. WK42011, Guide for Contractor Self-Assessment for U.S. Government Property Management Systems, is being developed by Subcommittee E53.20 on United States Government Contract Property Management, part of ASTM International Committee E53 on Asset Management.

A contractor self-assessment (CSA) program is an auditing, assessment, review or surveillance program implemented by a contractor to identify, evaluate and take corrective action on compliance and operational risk resulting from business practices for government property management.

"Contractors have been required to self-assess by the Federal Acquisition Regulation since 2007, but the regulation does not provide any specific instructions on how to self-assess," says Brandon Kriner, asset manager, Government Communications Systems Division, Harris Corp., and chairman, E53.20. "This is intentional since every contractor's operating environment is different. However, the result has been a lot of confusion and subjective interpretation between contractors and their government counterparts over what constitutes an acceptable self-assessment." Kriner says that, once it has been approved, WK42011 will provide a "playbook" that property management contractors can use to adapt for their specific purpose.

According to Kriner, WK42011 provides a guide for how to develop and implement a contractor self-assessment program for U.S. government property management.

"There is currently very little practical guidance on how to develop a CSA," says Kriner. "This proposed standard will give users the guidance they need to develop a program that is well suited to their operating environment."

Kriner encourages all interested parties, particularly those with ideas for other proposed standards, to join E53.20.

CONTACT Technical Information: Brandon Kriner, Harris Corp. • Melbourne, Fla. • Phone: 321-727-5020 | ASTM Staff: Katerina Koperna • Phone: 610-832-9728 | Upcoming Meeting: July 31 • Orlando, Fla.

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