Underground Piping

A new ASTM International standard will support the sustainability and resiliency of concrete pipes that are reinforced by synthetic fibers. The new standard (soon to be approved as C1818, Specification for Rigid Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain and Sewer Pipe) describes a strong and durable option that can be used for underground piping.

Pipes in this new standard are used regularly for storm water drainage, allowing rainfall to flow away from areas of possible flooding. In addition, these pipes are used to transport residential and commercial wastewater to plants for treatment and release.

"Although these pipes are buried underground – where they're not seen and seldom thought of – they help provide a safe and healthy environment for the public," says ASTM member Ali Abolmaali of the University of Texas at Arlington.

Unlike steel reinforcement, synthetic fibers have time-dependent properties that require additional testing by the fiber manufacturers above and beyond what would be typical for a standard steel reinforced concrete pipe. According to Abolmaali, "The standard ensures the engineer that the producer of synthetic fiber reinforced concrete pipe has performed due diligence in manufacturing and testing to ensure a strong and long-term product."

Engineers who work in the drainage industry and manufacturers of drainage products are the most likely users of C1818.

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