Tetrapod Walker Drum Tester

Subcommittee D13.21 on Pile Floor Coverings is seeking experts who may be using D5251, Practice for the Operation of the Tetrapod Walker Drum Tester. D5251 describes the equipment and operation of the Tetrapod Walker for testing unused pile floor coverings with a thickness of 20 mm or less. The subcommittee is hoping to gauge the current level of interest in D5251.

D13.21, which is part of ASTM International Committee D13 on Textiles, encourages anyone who uses D5251 to join the subcommittee in the process of revising the standard. D5251, last approved in 2005, is scheduled to be withdrawn later this year if it is not revised or reapproved, per ASTM's Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees.

CONTACT Technical Information: Richard Turner, Mohawk Industries Inc. • Dalton, Ga. • Phone: 706-428-8285 | ASTM Staff: Jennifer Rodgers • Phone: 610-832-9694 | Upcoming Meeting: June 24-27 • June Committee Week

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