Sound Transmission of Building Elements

A proposed new ASTM International standard will be helpful to the construction industry in designing acoustic properties for buildings. WK37294, Test Method for the Laboratory Measurement of Mechanical Impedance of Building Elements and Prediction of the Sound Transmission Loss Performance, is currently being developed by Subcommittee E33.03 on Sound Transmission, part of ASTM International Committee E33 on Building and Environmental Acoustics.

WK37294 measures the loss factor and equivalent bending rigidity modulus of composites, drywall, plywood and similar building elements, with the aim of comparing the damping properties of building elements.

Properties derived from the test method will be used to predict the sound transmission loss, thus allowing consultants and engineers to predict the sound transmission loss performance of a wall incorporating these materials.

Peter Jackson, technical director, Ward Process, and an E33 member, says that all interested parties, particularly manufacturers of damped construction materials, are welcome to participate in the ongoing development of WK37294.

CONTACT Technical Information: Peter Jackson, Ward Process • Holliston, Mass. • Phone: 774-233-7011 | ASTM Staff: Stephen Mawn • Phone: 610-832-9726 | Upcoming Meeting: April 15-16, 2013 • April Committee Week • Indianapolis, Ind.

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