Selection of Booms for Oil Spill Response

A new ASTM International standard will be a useful document for vendors, buyers and regulators in determining the applicability of different types of booms to be used for oil spill response. F2683, Guide for Selection of Booms for Oil Spill Response, was developed by Subcommittee F20.11 on Control, part of ASTM International Committee F20 on Hazardous Substances and Oil Spill Response.

According to Stephen Potter, managing director, SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd., and chairman of F20.11, F2683 lists the main advantages and disadvantages of different boom types in a variety of oil spill scenarios.

"On-scene response coordinators, planners, oil spill management teams, oil spill removal organizations, plan evaluators, and boom manufacturers and suppliers will be the primary users of F2683," says Potter.

All interested parties are encouraged to participate in the standards development work of F20. The committee is currently working on proposed standards for safely operating boom reel assemblies and for the towing and anchoring of booms.

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