Road and Paving Test Result Differences

Buyers and sellers of road and paving materials will be the primary users of a proposed standard being developed by Subcommittee D04.94 on Statistical Procedures and Evaluation of Data, part of ASTM International Committee D04 on Road and Paving Materials.

The purpose of the proposed standard, WK35585, Practice for Data Collection and Resolving Test Result Differences Between Buyer and Seller, will be to provide a rational dispute resolution practice for contractors or material suppliers and agencies when test results from two different laboratories on the same product differ.

"WK35585 will provide a procedure to determine the reasons for differences in order to resolve the dispute," says James Moulthrop, senior consultant, Fugro Consultants Inc., and chairman of the WK35585 task group. "The goal is to provide a systematic way to resolve differences in a professional atmosphere."

"The proposed standard has been needed to provide users of D04 standards a rational sequential process for resolving test result differences," says Ervin Dukatz, Mathy Construction Co., Onalaska, Wisc., and chairman, D04.94 on Statistical Procedures and Evaluation of Data, Dukatz notes that anyone interested in paving materials is welcome to join the subcommittee, which develops standards that make statistics accessible to buyers and sellers so that informed decisions can be made on test results.

CONTACT Technical Information: James Moulthrop, P.E., Fugro Consultants Inc. • Austin, Texas • Phone: 512-977-1800 | Ervin Dukatz, Ph.D., P.E., Mathy Construction Co. • Onalaska, Wis. • Phone: 608-779-6392 | ASTM Staff: Daniel Smith • Phone: 610-832-9727 | Upcoming Meeting: Dec. 4-6 • December Committee Week • Atlanta, Ga.snonline

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