Promoting Safety in Document Destruction Services

A new ASTM International standard will promote safety for those who work in and with companies that specialize in secure-document destruction. The new standard (E2706) we created by the committee on occupational health and safety (E34).

Traditionally, document destruction services have been offered as an ancillary service by records storage companies and paper recyclers.  But, according to ASTM International member Lewis Barbe, director of engineering, Occupational Safety and Health Services, Inc., the secure-document destruction industry has grown to have a unique operating profile and distinct safety concerns.

The new standard was developed to help manufacturers, designers, maintenance personnel, trainers, owners, employees, and customers who interact with this industry.  The standard aims to provide a reasonable level of safety for everyone exposed to hazards of equipment used to provide these services.

The new standard offers guidance for both plant-based (fixed facility) and mobile (truck-based) equipment.


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