Presentations Invited for Workshop on Fire Resistance of Structures

Presentations are invited for the Workshop on Advancements in Evaluating the Fire Resistance of Structures, December 6-7, 2018, Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C., USA.The workshop is sponsored by ASTM International’s committee on fire standards (E05) and will take place in conjunction with the December standards development meetings of the committee.

The workshop will focus on various topics related to methods for evaluating the behavior of structural elements and assemblies in localized, traveling, and post-flashover fires, particularly those described by the committee in its fire standards.

Suggested presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Studies relating to ASTM International or other fire resistance test standards, including instrumentation used in the tests,
  • Repeatability, reproducibility, and uncertainty of fire resistance test results,
  • Relationship between the performance in standard fire resistance test and real fires,
  • Computational studies of the behavior of structures in standard or natural fires,
  • Full-scale compartment fire test and modeling,
  • Use of test standards and calculation methods in codes and regulations, and more.

Those interested in presenting should submit an extended abstract (600-word minimum and not to exceed two pages) to the workshop chairman no later than June 1, 2018.

Registration questions can be directed to Tessa Sulkes. For technical information or questions, contact workshop chairman John Gales.

For abstract submittal instructions or more information on this workshop, please click here.

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