Polymer Coating for Infrastructure Protection

A new ASTM International standard covers a polymer coating that could provide more durable corrosion protection to infrastructure than zinc coatings. ASTM’s metallic-coated iron and steel products (A05) developed the standard, which will soon be published as A1113. 

The new standard specifically addresses polymer-coated corrugated steel structural plates used to construct pipe, pipe-arches, arches, underpasses, and special shapes that are generally used for drainage purposes, pedestrian and vehicular underpasses, and utility tunnels.

“This new standard will be especially useful to the transportation industry in colder climates, where new and highly aggressive chemicals used for snow and ice control programs threaten all roadside infrastructure, signage, and even vehicles with premature corrosion,” says ASTM International member Jerry Silagyi, chief engineer, Lane Enterprises Inc. 

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