Nickel Alloy Analysis

A proposed ASTM standard will fill the need for a test method to analyze nickel alloys, which are used for jet-engine components, oil and gas drilling, and many other industries. Once approved, the proposed standard (WK40596, Test Method for the Analysis of Nickel Alloys by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry) will help suppliers, customers and testing labs that work with nickel alloys.

Spark atomic emission spectrometry is a technique widely used by laboratories that analyze nickel alloys, but there is a growing industry need for a standardized test method, according to ASTM member Patrick Cole, chief chemist, ATI Specialty Materials.

"Nickel alloys are heavily regulated by specifications that guide production and quality assurance analysis of these materials," says Cole. "It was extremely important to producers, labs and end users that an ASTM International test method be developed."

The proposed standard will provide labs with guidance on using a spark emission spectrometer to set up for and properly analyze nickel alloys. The standard will also include detailed wavelength information that helps configure a spectrometer. Finally, precision and bias data included in the standard will serve as a benchmark for labs to compare their results.

All interested parties are invited to join in the ongoing development of WK40596, as well as other proposed standards for analysis of nickel, cobalt and high temperature alloys.

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