Language Services Industry Standard Being Developed

A proposed ASTM International standard will help businesses, governments, and others who seek the provision of quality, professional language services. The proposed standard (WK41374, Practice for Language Service Companies) is being developed by ASTM International’s committee on language services and products (F43).

“Language services are a critical component to global communication and commerce,” says ASTM member Susan Amarino of Liaison Multilingual Services, Inc. “The demand for language services is constantly growing, and yet there is no standard to guide the basic operations of language service companies.”

The proposed standard will specify the basic policies, processes, procedures, and resources that a language services company needs to provide quality services. 

Generally, these companies provide translating, interpreting, subtitling, voice-overs, testing, training, transcription, and other services to many entities, including:
•    manufacturers;
•    regulatory bodies;
•    consumers;
•    laboratories;
•    educators;
•    businesses;
•    service companies;
•    hospitals;
•    courts, and;
•    financial institutions.

According to Amarino, who chairs the subcommittee (F43.03) developing the standard, language services firms in the United States alone support more than 150 languages, providing crucial links between clients and constituents. 

“We believe the proposed ASTM standard will be extremely useful for contracting and purchasing officers in major corporations and government who are charged with identifying reputable language services companies capable of delivering quality services,” says Amarino. 

All interested parties, including representatives from multinational corporations and government agencies at the national, state, and local levels, are invited to participate in the development of the proposed standard.  

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member at

Technical Contact: Susan Amarino, Liasion Multilingual Services, Inc., Denver, Colo., tel +1.303.762.0997  
ASTM Staff Contact: Ashley Wiand, tel +1.610.832.9551  

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