Inspecting Critical Components

A proposed ASTM standard will cover a nondestructive testing method that detects structural defects in both new and in-service parts for planes, cars, power generation systems, and more.

According to ASTM member Eric Biedermann, "process compensated resonance testing" (PCRT) is used for inspection of critical components. The testing identifies components that have a significant defect or condition that will affect performance. Biedermann, a development engineer with Vibrant Corporation, notes that such components include gas turbine engine blades for jet propulsion and power generation; aircraft landing gear and brake parts; and powertrain, steering and suspension components for automobiles.

Interested parties are invited to share their expertise in the development of the proposed standard (WK53634, Practice for Outlier Screening Using Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) Via Swept Sine Input for Metallic and Non-Metallic Parts).

The proposed standard also will describe how screenings are implemented and used on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the standard outlines what applications are relevant to these screenings and what the method's limitations are, allowing users to decide whether PCRT is the right tool for the job and how to best use it.

Manufacturers (OEMs) will potentially use the standard to inspect new parts. Commercial and government maintenance repair and overhaul organizations will use it for inspection of in-service parts. Suppliers of both new and in-service parts will also find the standard useful. With the standard, organizations can list PCRT outlier screening as a required inspection during manufacturing of a new component or during maintenance of an in-service component.

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