Infant Sling Carriers

A new ASTM International standard represents current best practices in the design, performance, labeling and instructions for infant slings. F2907, Specification for Sling Carriers, was developed by Subcommittee F15.21 on Infant Carriers, Bouncers and Baby Swings, under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee F15 on Consumer Products.

According to Vesta Garcia, executive director, Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, and an F15.21 member, F2907 will provide manufacturers with the means to double-check that they are creating and selling the safest possible sling carriers.

"Manufacturers can rest assured that the subcommittee, which includes members from consumer groups, retailers, manufacturers, government regulators and testing laboratories, will continue to update the standard as our knowledge and testing techniques progress," says Garcia. "For users of sling carriers, this standard will ensure that, as an industry, our products are as safe as possible and always improving."

Garcia notes that all interested parties, particularly members of the medical and public health community with relevant expertise, are welcome to join the subcommittee as it considers the ongoing development of F2907. Anticipated inclusion in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will be a consideration when the subcommittee discusses possible revisions to F2907.

"The development of this consensus standard through ASTM represents the very best cooperative spirit between all parties interested in safe infant slings," says Garcia.

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CONTACT Technical Information: Vesta Garcia, Baby Carrier Industry Alliance • McKinney, Texas • Phone: 972-302-7397 | ASTM Staff: Leonard Morrissey • Phone: 610-832-9719 | Upcoming Meeting: April 16-20 • ASTM Headquarters, West Conshohocken, Pa.

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