Industrial Thermal Insulation Systems

A new ASTM International standard will provide engineers with specific knowledge needed for the development of an industrial thermal insulation system within a large engineering project.

C1696, Guide for Industrial Thermal Insulation Systems, was developed by Subcommittee C16.40 on Insulation Systems, part of ASTM International Committee C16 on Thermal Insulation. According to Dean Cox, a C16 member, the standard was created with recent engineering graduates in mind.

"When a student graduates from a major university with an engineering degree, they have no experience with thermal insulation," says Cox, technical support manager, Industrial Insulation Group. "C1696 is the basic foundation for that engineer to develop a plant or project specification."

C1696 covers insulation materials, systems design, application methods, protective coverings, guarantees, inspection, testing and maintenance of thermal insulation primarily for industrial applications in a temperature range of -302-1200 F (-195.5-648.8 C).

C1696 provides guidelines for industrial thermal insulation systems as well as indicates the basic principles by which new materials can be assessed and adapted for use under differing conditions.

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