Digital Reference Images for Magnesium Castings

Magnesium alloy castings are everywhere: from aircraft main engines and auxiliary power units to power generating turbines and automobiles. A collection of images produced by ASTM International and described in E2869, Digital Reference Images for Magnesium Castings, can now be used to identify and evaluate discontinuities that may be present in castings.

The set of 14 digital reference images described in E2869 are available for purchase as an ASTM adjunct RRE2869, Digital Reference Images for Magnesium Castings. The images illustrate eight grades of severity and contain an image of a step wedge and two duplex wire gauges.

"Continued refinements in digital radiography technology have resulted in significant improvements in image quality and detectability of indications," says ASTM member Francisco Miranda, senior core group level 3, N.D.T. Technology, Pratt & Whitney Canada. "In addition, there has been increased productivity through shorter inspection lead times and decreased inspection costs. These improvements have resulted in acceptance of the technology by users and original equipment manufacturers for final product inspection and disposition."

Foundries that produce magnesium castings and end users requiring inspection of a product after machining, assembly or testing will use the images in making accept-reject decisions on castings.

E2869 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee E07.02 on Reference Radiological Images, part of ASTM International Committee E07 on Nondestructive Testing.

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