Cable Barrier Systems

Cable vehicle barriers, as described in WK36550, are integrated with a perimeter fence system.

Physical barrier systems are an important component in protecting high security assets, and the demand for barrier products has intensified. The capability and integrity of these systems must be verified through testing, and ensured through manufacturing and installation compliance with minimum standard requirements for compatibility with tested designs.

In order to facilitate this compliance, Subcommittee E54.05 on Building and Infrastructure Protection has begun to develop a new proposed standard, WK36550, Specification for Applying Cable Barrier Systems to Provide Physical Protection Along the Passive Perimeter Around Assets Requiring High Security Against Vehicular Threats. E54.05 is under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications.

The proposed standard will apply to any asset (including a facility, natural resource or event) requiring security against vehicular attack, according to Paul Bulten, product director, Ameristar Fence Products, and an E54 member.

"Users will be able to find direction needed to determine when and where a vehicular barrier is appropriate, what type of impact energy (crash rating) to select and how to ensure that the system installed is equivalent in capability to the system proven by independent certified testing," says Bulten.

Bulten notes that WK36550 will be one of many barrier specifications supplementing a proposed all-encompassing core standard on vehicle barriers that will be patterned after the U.S. Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria document UFC-022-02, Selection and Application of Vehicle Barriers. Other standards in this series would cover bollards, wedges, nets, barrier arms and crash gates, among other barrier types.

All interested parties are invited to join in the standards developing activities of E54.05.

CONTACT Technical Information: Paul Bulten, Ameristar Fence Products • Tulsa, Okla. • Phone: 918-835-0898 | ASTM Staff: Rick Lake • Phone: 610-832-9689 | Upcoming Meeting: June 25-27 • June Committee Week • San Diego, Calif.

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