Aerial Adventure Courses

Aerial adventure courses - which encompass elements such as canopy tours of forests and zip lines - are an increasingly popular segment of the amusement industry. A recently revised ASTM standard acknowledges the unique functional, operational and patron participation requirements of aerial adventure courses, compared to other amusement rides and devices. Revisions were made to provide greater clarity throughout the standard, particularly in the Scope and Terminology sections.

The standard, which was originally approved in 2012, is F2959, Practice for Special Requirements for Aerial Adventure Courses. It provides criteria and references for use in the design, manufacture, construction, installation, integration, operation, maintenance, auditing and major modification of aerial adventure courses. Aerial adventure designers, manufacturers, constructors, system integrators, owners/operators and auditors are the primary users of F2959. The most detailed sections of F2959 deal with owner/operator requirements and design requirements.

"Public safety is the driving force behind F2959," says ASTM member Jared Krupa, P.E., K2 Engineering and Structural Design LLC. "Our goal is to continue developing this standard, which will help improve the quality of aerial adventure courses being constructed and provide an increased level of safety for participants during operation."

F2959 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F24.60 on Special Rides/Attractions, part of ASTM International Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices. Anyone interested in this field is welcome to join the subcommittee.

"F24.60 is welcoming of anyone who is interested in taking in active role in promoting responsible regulations in a quickly evolving industry," says Krupa.

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