2012 ASTM International Project Grants Awarded

ASTM International has awarded five $500 grants to university students to assist them with senior or graduate design projects that contain an ASTM International standards component. The following 2012 grant recipients - listed with their schools and projects - will have their final papers posted on the ASTM website:

  • Nicholas Parrotta, University of Pennsylvania, Titan: A Powered, Upper Body Exoskeleton;
  • Janet Gbur, Case Western Reserve University, Mechanical Characterization of 316 LVM Wires;
  • Ahmed Arabi Hassen, University of Alabama, Interface for Ultrasonic C-Scan System;
  • Scott James, San Diego State University, Local Deformations and Failure Mechanisms in Tapered Sandwich Core Closeouts; and
  • Yibin Zhang, University of Pennsylvania, Expandable Endotracheal Tube for Veterinary Patients.

The project grant program will be continued in 2013 and the deadline for grant proposals is Oct. 31. To see previously published papers, visit here. For more information about ASTM's student programs, visit here.

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