Your Leadership Connection

Leadership and standards setting go hand in hand.

Would you like a growth opportunity? In particular, would you like to expand your skills in communicating with diverse stakeholders, building consensus and managing groups? You can build your leadership ability - benefiting your ASTM work and your career overall - by taking on additional responsibilities in your task group, subcommittee or main committee.

The consensus standards process provides a fertile environment for cultivating leadership skills and ASTM offers online resources to help you make the most of the leadership opportunities available at ASTM at its Leadership Connection.

Dennis Rounds knows something about leadership. A former member of the ASTM board of directors, Rounds is currently chairman of Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action.

Rounds, a contract project manager for Morris Inc. in Ft. Pierre, South Dakota, says, "Active participation within ASTM International is a practical and real-world means to personal leadership development. It broadens one's interactive collaborative skills and heightens awareness of the importance of diverse ideas."

The online Leadership Connection includes resources for three groups: members, technical committees and employers. All can be helpful to you individually but also in connection with your colleagues and your company.

For Members

  • Find information about ASTM's training resources.
  • Link to relevant SN articles.

For Technical Committees

  • Learn how ASTM helps technical committees orient and welcome new members.
  • Discover the importance of the next generation of committee leaders.
  • Review why honoring members is important and how to do it.

For Employers

  • Find language that describes how your ASTM membership can enhance your leadership skills.
  • Download a handbook for people in business about how standards influence today's competitive markets.
  • Watch video showing the benefits of ASTM membership.
  • Take advantage of the the American National Standards Institute's Standards Boost Business resource.

"Leadership is much more than merely a side benefit to the participation in ASTM standards development," says Rounds. "It is a notable benefit in its own right."

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