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ASTM Changes Journal Structure

Two new ASTM International technical journals and enhanced discoverability will provide outlets for your original research and help others find it in literature searches. You are encouraged to share your original technical information through technical papers and presentations by submitting them to an ASTM journal or an ASTM symposium call for papers.

ASTM International is launching the two new journals this summer: Materials Performance and Characterization and Advances in Civil Engineering Materials. Following review and research by Journal of ASTM International editorial board members, the Committee on Publications, the board of directors and staff, the decision was made to spin off the topics from JAI, which will no longer accept new submissions. The publications will join the existing Journal of Testing and Evaluation and Geotechnical Testing Journal.

Both new journals, like the existing ones, will feature original, peer-reviewed technical papers, review papers and technical notes.

  • Materials Performance and Characterization will include articles about both theoretical and practical aspects of the processing, structure, properties and performance of materials used in mechanical, transportation, aerospace, energy systems and medical devices. These materials include metals and alloys, glass and ceramics, polymers, composite materials, textiles and nanomaterials.
  • Advances in Civil Engineering Materials will feature articles about the properties and performance of such materials as concrete, asphalt, steel, polymers and polymeric composites, and wood for use in pavements, bridges and buildings, among other applications.

All papers submitted to ASTM for publication go through a meticulous process of peer review and editing to ensure the highest quality information available.

Accepted and edited STP/symposia papers will be available in a "First Look" section of the ASTM website. Each paper title is linked to an ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library citation page that details the paper contents through an abstract, title, author name(s), keyword and publication information - plus the ability to purchase a download of the article. Links to new papers also appear in the industry sector gateways of the new ASTM Standardization News online.

In addition, ASTM will submit all new STPs not previously published in JAI to Thomson-Reuters to be included in its Conference Proceedings Citation Index, part of the Thomson-Reuters' Web of Science, which includes the Conference Proceedings Citation Index, the Science Citation Index (Impact Factors for Journals) and the Book Citation Index (manuals, monographs, handbooks etc). This will enhance the ability of interested readers and researchers to find ASTM papers and books.

The final result will increase the availability of technical information, which will be catalogued in the ASTM International SEDL - subscribed to by libraries and library consortia around the world - and always available to virtual visitors. SEDL captures ASTM technical papers online, and you can search for papers by topic, sub-topic, ASTM committee or past symposium at the main SEDL search.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Kathy Dernoga, managing editor, ASTM books and journals (phone: 610-832-9617).

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