Nominations for the ASTM International Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the slate of candidates for ASTM offices, selected by the ASTM International Nominating Committee. Terms will begin Jan. 1, 2018, for chairman of the board — one-year term; vice chairman — two-year term; and six directors — three-year terms. The election is official when the ballot closes on Dec. 1.

ASTM members will receive an email with a link to the online ballot. If you do not have access to the internet, you may request a hard copy of the ballot from Maureen Houck at +1.610.832.9594. Whether using the website or hard copy, remember that the deadline for receipt of all ballots is Dec. 1.

Dale Bohn


Dale F. Bohn is product quality manager for Flint Hills Resources LLC, a leading independent refining, chemicals, and biofuels company. In this position he has responsibility for product quality and customer support, including development, formulations, laboratory testing, and process support for petroleum and other products, as well as training, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance oversight.

Bohn has been involved with the work of the committee on road and paving materials (D04) since he joined ASTM in 1996. He serves on multiple D04 groups and has been chairman of the subcommittees on emulsified asphalt specifications (D04.41) and on emulsified asphalt tests (D04.42). Bohn is also a member of the committees on petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants (D02) and on gaseous fuels (D03), and works on several D02 subcommittees, including the D02 executive subcommittee, where he is a member at large. He served on the ASTM Committee on Technical Committee Operations from 2006 to 2011, including a 3-year term as COTCO chairman. Bohn has been an ASTM board member since 2012; he served as chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee in 2015 and vice chairman of the board, 2016-2017.

After graduating in 1989 from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, with a B.S. in chemistry, Bohn became an asphalt chemist and subsequently technical leader for Koch Materials Co. In 2005, he became technical leader at Flint Hills Resources, and moved into the northern region quality manager role in 2008. He received his current title in 2011.

Andrew Kireta

Vice Chairman

Andrew G. Kireta, Jr., is vice president – market development, at the Copper Development Association Inc., New York, New York, a not-for-profit trade association that serves as the advanced market development and engineering services arm of the copper and brass industry in the United States.

An ASTM member since 1998, Kireta works on the committee on copper and copper alloys (B05) and several B05 subcommittees. He has served as B05 membership secretary and is the current chairman of the B05 awards subcommittee (B05.92). He is a recipient of the B05 Copper Club Award for his work. Kireta has been a member of the board since 2014 and most recently has been chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Kireta joined CDA in 1992 as Midwest regional manager and held management positions for tube, pipe and fittings, and architectural applications, before becoming vice president – building construction in 2008. He assumed his current role in 2010. As CDA vice president, Kireta is responsible for promoting the use of copper and copper alloy systems and related products in both building construction and sustainable energy applications.

Kireta holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.

William Ells


William A. Ells is vice president of sales at Vibram USA in Concord, Massachusetts, a manufacturer of footwear and soles for outdoor, recreational, work, and fashion boots and shoes.

Ells joined ASTM International and its committee on pedestrian/walkway safety and footwear (F13) in 1998. He is currently secretary of the committee and has also served as F13 vice chairman and as a subcommittee officer. In 2013, the committee honored Ells with the Award of Merit for his service and commitment to safety standards for footwear. He has also received a Service Award for his term on the Committee on Standards.

Involved in the design, development, and production of footwear and sole materials for military, industrial, and outdoor use, Ells has been with Vibram since 2010. He previously worked in sales at American Biltrite Inc. and Quabaug Corp.

In addition to ASTM International, Ells is a member of the board of the American Apparel and Footwear Association. He is also a member of the Canadian Standards Association and of the Rubber and Plastic Footwear Manufacturers Association.

John Germaine


John T. Germaine, Sc.D., is a research professor in the Tufts University School of Engineering, Medford, Massachusetts. Tufts is a research university with close to 12,000 students in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Current chairman of the committee on soil and rock (D18), Germaine has been an ASTM International and D18 member since 1985. He has also served a term on the Committee on Technical Committee Operations. Germaine was honored with the Award of Merit in 2008 and as Professor of the Year in 2009. He has also received several other D18 awards for his contributions to soil and rock standards as well as to the committee, and has been honored with teaching awards from other groups.

Before joining the Tufts faculty in 2015, Germaine held several teaching and research positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He focuses on geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering and investigating geo-material properties in addition to his teaching responsibilities.

Germaine holds an Sc.D. and an S.M. in geotechnical engineering from MIT, and a B.S. in civil engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is, in addition to ASTM, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and GBA/The Geoprofessional Business Association.

Bill Griese


Bill Griese is director of standards development and sustainability initiatives for the Tile Council of North America, Anderson, South Carolina, an international trade association involved with standards development, product testing and research, and representing North American ceramic tile and allied product manufacturers in regulatory, legislative, trade, and environmental matters.

The current chairman of the ASTM Committee on Technical Committee Operations, Griese joined ASTM International in 2007 and served three consecutive terms as chairman of the committee on ceramic whitewares and related products (C21). He serves as C21 vice chairman and as chairman of the subcommittee on ceramic tile (C21.06). Griese is also a member of the committees on sustainability (E60) and manufactured masonry units (C15). In 2013 he received the J.A. Thomas President’s Leadership Award for his contributions on behalf of C21.

Griese, who regularly conducts seminars and contributes articles to industry publications, is a LEED Accredited Professional with a specialty in building design and construction. Griese is also involved with the American National Standards Institute, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and other standards groups, and is a US delegate to the World Ceramic Tiles Forum.

After earning a bachelor of science in ceramic and materials engineering from Clemson University, Griese joined the Tile Council as a laboratory engineer. He began working on industry standards in 2008, and assumed his current role in 2015.

Alan Kaufman


Alan P. Kaufman is senior vice president of technical affairs for the Toy Association, New York, New York. The Toy Association represents toy and youth entertainment producers and importers. Kaufman leads the organization’s work related to toy safety, standards development, the environment, supply chain, and factory processes, among related matters.

Kaufman, who joined ASTM International in 2011, is a member at large on the executive subcommittee of the committee on consumer products (F15). He is involved with a number of F15 groups, and he is also a member of the committees on sustainability (E60) and declarable substances in materials (F40). Outside ASTM, Kaufman is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals and a past president of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization.

Before joining the Toy Association in 2011, Kaufman was vice president for global product safety and regulatory affairs at Toys”R”Us. Additional experience includes technical and production positions at the Walt Disney Company and at toy manufacturers such as Mattel, Knickerbocker, and Coleco.

Kaufman, who received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California, Los Angeles, is certified as a quality engineer by the American Society for Quality.

Christopher Mathis


R. Christopher Mathis is president of Mathis Consulting Company, an Asheville, North Carolina, firm that provides a variety of professional services related to building energy efficiency and sustainability in products, power, and policy.

An ASTM International member since 1986, Mathis works on the committees on sustainability (E60), where he serves on the executive subcommittee; thermal insulation (C16); and performance of buildings (E06).

Outside ASTM, Mathis is a 35+ year member of ASHRAE, focusing on the energy performance of buildings and their sustainability; he currently chairs the ASHRAE Residential Buildings Committee. Mathis is also co-founder and past director of the National Fenestration Rating Council, where he worked with ASTM, ASHRAE, and other groups to develop window energy performance ratings used in codes and standards worldwide. He has also served four terms on the International Code Council energy code development committee, helping to write and shape U.S. energy codes.

Over his career, Mathis has published books and technical papers related to his work. He regularly conducts training programs for builders, architects, engineers, building officials, and others on a variety of building science topics. He earned an M.S. in architecture studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s in physics from the University of North Carolina-Asheville.

Terry Woods


Terry O. Woods, Ph.D., is leader of the Solid Mechanics Laboratory at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health in Silver Spring, Maryland. CDRH focuses on ensuring that patients and providers have access to safe and effective medical devices and radiation-emitting products.

An ASTM International member since 1994, Woods is active in the committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04). She is chair of the division on resources (F04.01) and of the subcommittee on material test methods (F04.15). Woods has been honored for her contributions to the committee with several awards, most recently the 2014 Manny Horowitz Award. Last year, she received a Service Award for her service on the ASTM Committee on Technical Committee Operations.

In her work at CDRH, Woods is the lead expert on magnetic resonance imaging compatibility requirements for medical devices, and she helps ensure safety for equipment used in an MRI suite. She has been involved in MRI safety since the early 1990s, working on standards addressing this concern and developing FDA guidance for it. Woods has been with the FDA since 1992.

Woods earned her B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in engineering science and mechanics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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