Subcommittee E06.21 on Serviceability

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of E06.21 by Status

  • WK70851 Standard Practice for the On-Site Inspection of Installed Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials


  • WK70852 the On-Site Inspection of Installed Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials

  • WK70508 MgO ceramic-cement board, uses, applications, types and sizes

  • WK61472 Magnesium Oxide Fibre-Mat Reinforced Cementitious Board Products

  • WK70806 the On-Site Inspection of Fire Resistive Duct Systems

  • WK63286 Standard Methods for Testing, Limits, Uses, and Requirements of Magnesium Oxide Cementitious Board Products.

  • WK70807 the On-Site Inspection of Installed Board and Wrap Type Fireproofing

  • WK70416 On-Site Identification of Penetration Firestop Systems and Fire-Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers

  • WK81405 Determining the Free-Lime Content of Light-Burnt Magnesium Oxide

  • WK81406 Determining the Citric Acid Activity of Light-Burnt Magnesium Oxide

  • WK81370 Determining the Loss-on-Ignition of Light-Burnt Magnesium Oxide.