Subcommittee D18.25 on Erosion and Sediment Control Technology

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of D18.25 by Status

Proposed New

  • WK39691 Determining Index Nominal Diameter, Nominal Length and Volume Density of a Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (SRFR)

  • WK77063 Tensile Strength of Geohazard Netting

  • WK10803 Determining the Specific Strength of Hydraulically Applied Fiber Matrix Products for Erosion Control

  • WK70985 Transition Mats

  • WK41174 Determining Raindrop Size of Simulated Rainfall Using the Flour Pan Method

  • WK89132 Viscosity of Tackifiers used for Erosion Control

  • WK90463 Classifying Temporary Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs)