Subcommittee F04.15 on Material Test Methods

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F04.15 by Status

Proposed New

  • WK78278 the Accelerated Degradation of Hydrolysable Absorbable Polymers

  • WK70410 Formula for a Cleaning Agent Intended to Clean Clinically-Used Stainless Steel Medical Device Soiled with Dried Blood

  • WK86632 medical device schematics to aid in cleaning

  • WK80475 Conducting Cyclic Potentiodynamic Polarization Measurements to Determine the Corrosion Susceptibility of Small Implant Devices: Simulated In-vivo conditions

  • WK88083 Maintaining oxidative capacity of test solutions for degradation screening of non-absorbable polymers

  • WK87727 Establishing cleanliness limits for single use medical devices

  • WK82200 Assessing Non-Implanted Items for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance Environment Outside an MR System

  • WK88084 Maintaining oxidative capacity of test solutions for oxidative degradation testing of non-absorbable polymers

  • WK83979 Corrosion Fatigue Evaluation of Absorbable Metals