Subcommittee E30.12 on Digital and Multimedia Evidence

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of E30.12 by Status

  • WK69872 Standard Guide for Crime Scene Photography

  • WK74632 Image Processing to Improve Automated Facial Recognition Search Performance

  • WK27106 Digital and Multimedia Evidence Examination

  • WK89942 Image Comparison Opinions

  • WK88696 Standard Technical Guide for Printing Method Effects on Facial Comparisons

  • WK83694 Laboratory Photography

  • WK90190 Standard Guide for Forensic Photogrammetry

  • WK90918 Facial Image Comparison Documentation

  • WK89409 Facial Comparison: Overview and Methodology Guidelines

  • WK90158 Standard Practice for Training in the Areas of Video Analysis, Image Analysis, and Photography

  • WK88697 Standard Practice for Scanning of Facial Images

  • WK83695 Post Mortem Examination Photography