Market Insights

From Advisory Services to Specialty Reports and White Papers, our Market Intelligence offerings provide up-to-the-minute data, developments, and recommendations on emerging technologies from top global experts at the forefront of industry.

Advisory Services

We understand that bridging the gap between R&D and sustained commercial success, plus harnessing standards to optimum effect, can be complex and challenging for those working in emerging technologies.

Our technical and strategic consulting services can help your organization make rapid progress with deep analysis, roadmapping, product development workshops, long-term planning and investment strategy, business strategy, new product introductions and more.

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Wohlers and Specialty Reports

Stay up to date on the newest technologies and processes your organization needs to know to enhance your additive manufacturing and 3D printing initiatives. Market Intelligence Reports from Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International, provide in-depth coverage of the latest research and development topics, plus the most current information on growth, trends, and new developments for every aspect of AM.

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Technical Reports

Access data, recommendations, and conclusions stemming from the research of ASTM International’s 140+ Technical Committees. With expertise garnered from global standards experts from both the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and ASTM International, you’ll gain insights into the current state, challenges, and processes surrounding several emerging industries.

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White Papers

Get detailed information on timely topics that advance important concepts for the global standardization community.

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Standardization News

Get the very latest news on standards development, technical innovation, and cutting-edge scientific research in our bimonthly magazine. As the premier resource for the global standards community, Standardization News is used by professionals and other tech leaders involved in laboratory testing, research, and standardization in many scientific disciplines and industries.

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