Subcommittee F26.03 on Storage and Dispensing Equipment

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    F918-15 Standard Specification for Noncarbonated Mechanically Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser (Visible Product)

    F1023-12 Standard Specification for Dispensers, Powdered Iced Tea

        See also WK54525 proposed revision

    F1604-15 Standard Specification for Freezers, Ice Cream, Soft Serve, Shake

    F2432-12 Standard Specification for Ice Making Machines, Icemaker-Dispensers, and Ice Dispensing Equipment

        See also WK55989 proposed revision

    F2520-05(2012) Standard Specification for Reach-in Refrigerators, Freezers, Combination Refrigerator/Freezers, and Thaw Cabinets

        See also WK55990 proposed revision

    F2891-15 Standard Specification for Commercial Bulk Milk Dispensers, Mechanically Refrigerated

    F2988-12 Standard Specification for Commercial Coffee Brewers

        See also WK54621 proposed revision

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    WK56289 rapid pull down refrigerators (Blast Chillers), freezers (blast freezers), combination refrigerator/freezer (blast chiller/freezers), and quick chillers for commercial use

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    F1024-99 Standard Specification for Dispensers, Rehydrated Mashed Potato (Withdrawn 2004)