Committee F08 on Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities

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    Subcommittees and Standards

    Standards under the jurisdiction of F08

    Each main committee in ASTM International is composed of subcommittees that address specific segments within the general subject area covered by the technical committee. Click on the subcommittee links below to see the title of existing standards for each subcommittee. Then, click on the resulting titles to see the standard's scope, referenced documents, and more.

    F08.10 Bicycles
    F08.10.01 Accessories
    F08.10.02 Frames
    F08.10.03 Brakes
    F08.10.04 Wheels
    F08.10.05 Suspension and Forks
    F08.10.06 Advanced Materials & Methods
    F08.10.07 Stem/H-Bar/Crank
    F08.12 Gymnastics and Wrestling Equipment
    F08.15 Ice Hockey
    F08.16 Archery Products
    F08.17 Trampolines and Related Equipment
    F08.18 Treestands
    F08.22 Camping Softgoods
    F08.24 Paintball and Equipment
    F08.25 Recreational Basketball Equipment
    F08.26 Baseball and Softball Equipment
    F08.27 Airsoft
    F08.28 Equestrian Surfaces
    F08.29 Combative Sports Equipment
    F08.30 Fitness Products
    F08.31 Lacrosse Equipment
    F08.51 Medical Aspects and Biomechanics
    F08.52 Miscellaneous Playing Surfaces
    F08.53 Headgear and Helmets
    F08.54 Athletic Footwear
    F08.55 Body Padding
    F08.57 Eye Safety for Sports
    F08.63 Playground Surfacing Systems
    F08.64 Natural Playing Surfaces
    F08.65 Artificial Turf Surfaces and Systems
    F08.65.16 Task Group on Environmental Factors of Synthetic Turf
    F08.66 Sports Facilities
    F08.67 Pole Vault
    F08.69 Commercially-Installed Sports-Specific Equipment for Use in Public Venues
    F08.80 Common Terminology, Methods and Laboratory Practices
    F08.90 Executive
    F08.92 US TAG to TC 216 on Footwear
    F08.93 US TAG to TC 83 on Sports and other recreational facilities and equipment
    F08.94 US TAG to TC 94 SC 6 on Eye and Face Protection
    F08.95 Awards and Distinctions
    F08.96 US TAG to ISO/TC 149/SCl on Cycles
    F08.97 US TAG ISO/TC83/SC5 on Ice Hockey Equipment and Facilities
    F08.98 Symposia and Publicity
    F08.99 Long Range Planning