Work Item
ASTM WK84216

Revision of E8/E8M-22 Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials


Note 53, which explains that the tension specimen is inappropriate for assessing some types of "soundness," has existed in E8/E8M since at least 1977. It appears under section 7.14, which is concerned with testing replacement specimens, even though the body of the note is unrelated to testing replacement specimens.
This work item will relocate Note 53 to a numbered section under Section 1, Scope, based on this guidance from the Form and Style Manual:
"A5.1 Include in this section information relating to the purpose of the test method. State if the method is quantitative or qualitative, and any known limitations."


Developed by Subcommittee: E28.04

Committee: E28

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 11-16-2022

Technical Contact: William Luecke

Item: 000