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ASTM WK80083

New Practice for Good Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation

1. Scope

GMCCP shall cover all activities related to cultivation of cannabis intended for medical and scientific use. These activities include but are not limited to: receipt of materials, propagation of the Cannabis plant, vegetative phase, generative phase, harvesting, drying, and processing. Also, these guidelines do not cover safety aspects for the personnel engaged in cultivation, nor aspects of protection of the environment.


GMCC; GMCCP; Good Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation; Good Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Practices


There is a steady increase in the demand for cannabis material and products intended for medical and scientific use around the world. Higher demand has resulted in the appearance of numerous companies eager to conquer markets by swiftly increasing production capacity and delivering as much cannabis as possible, at any cost. The inappropriateness of GMP and the inadequacy of GACP guidelines when applied to the cultivation of cannabis, created a gap in the regulatory landscape which enabled a flood of products with questionable quality on markets worldwide. This led to regular product recalls due to pesticide and other types of contamination. In order to encourage companies to improve different aspects of their cultivation process, and consequently improve the quality of their products, guidelines on the Good Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Practices (GMCCP) were established.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: D37.01

Committee: D37

Staff Manager: Jimmy Farrell

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Date Initiated: 12-02-2021

Technical Contact: Martin Woodbridge

Item: 001

Ballot: D37.01 (22-01)

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Item: 001

Ballot: D37 (22-10)

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