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ASTM WK76044

New Practice for Exercising a Contextual Framework for Increasingly Autonomous Aviation Systems

1. Scope

ASTM AC377 published TR1 Autonomy Design and Operations in Aviation Terminology and Requirements Framework in June 2019. This document contained terminology for discussing increasingly autonomous systems for flight as well as new contextual framework in which various risks and safety benefits could be considered in a nuanced and operationally relevant context as design requirements are analyzed and considered. This proposed new standard will produce a set of practices that align to the contextual framework described in TR1.


aviation; autonomous;


The aviation community has shown significant interest in adopting increasingly autonomous systems for routine use in aviation. Increased automation moving toward autonomy has shown great promise to improve the safety of aviation and transform the industry. Some OEMs are moving towards Type Certification of highly automated aircraft that range from unified flight controls (aka simplified vehicle operations) to situations where more than one aircraft would be controlled by a single remote pilot. Consistent guidance on best practices for analyzing system requirements and presenting information to regulators leveraging the contextual framework for autonomous and automated system requirements introduced by ASTM AC377 would be of value to both proponents and regulators.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F39.04

Committee: F39

Staff Manager: Joe Koury

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Date Initiated: 02-24-2021

Technical Contact: Christopher Schulenberg

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