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ASTM WK74932

New Specification for Additive Manufacturing of metals -- Qualification principles -- Qualification of designers

1. Scope

This standard specifies personnel qualification criteria for the theoretical and practical assessment of designers covering multiple Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. The activities and procedures foreseen to be performed by the designer are also part of the standard. The Designers responsibilities related to AM are to: - finalise a part request for processing by the manufacturing responsible for the coordination and supervision tasks (ISO/ASTM 52935); - consider the economic viability of the CAD file for the selected material & process (typically, optimise geometry for buildability with consideration of design and manufacturing allowances); - consider the inherent benefits provided by AM processes (e.g. geometric complexity, customisation, consolidation); - use best-practice techniques when creating the build geometry and specifying position, coordinates and orientation for the selected AM process (see Annex A); - specify final part requirements in line with both the intended application and production method (e.g. indicate areas for additional features, further post-processing, checks of critical dimensions, etc.). Where an existing design is being considered/adapted for AM, consider whether previous requirements, such as surface finish, are a requirement of the application or an artefact of the previous manufacturing method used; - translation of the CAD file and any subsequent file processing and quality checks to deliver the readyto-print file.


AM; Design


If industrially used components are manufactured using additive manufacturing processes, it must be proven that these meet the requirements. To this end, the production chain and environment must be designed in such a way that the process quality and the resulting product quality are always consistent and reproducible. In order to assure the before mentioned consistency and reproducibility, is of utmost importance to assure that the involved workforce is adequately qualified for the several production stages. This document describes the activities and responsibilities of the actors on the field of the Additive Manufacturing technology. Once approved, this standard will carry the designation ISO/ASTM 52937.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


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Committee: F42

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Date Initiated: 11-23-2020

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