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ASTM WK66273

Revision of E2638-10(2017) Standard Test Method for Objective Measurement of the Speech Privacy Provided by a Closed Room


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This test method is one of a set of standards for evaluating the potential for speech privacy in buildings. It is designed to measure the degree of speech privacy provided by a closed room, indicating the degree to which conversations occurring within are kept private from listeners outside the room. A related method (Test Method E1130) deals with assessing speech privacy in open plan spaces. Since E1130 is now undergoing revision to include open-to-closed rooms, it is important to distinguish this standard for speech security from the upcoming E1130 that will focus more on speech privacy including closed receiving rooms - these changes need to be coordinated between these 2 standards. Additionally, it is intended to split this standard into 2 parts by addressing speech security in Part 1 as currently given in this standard, and adding a new Part 2 to address speech privacy in closed source rooms to either closed or open receiver rooms.


Developed by Subcommittee: E33.02

Committee: E33

Staff Manager: Kelly Paul

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Date Initiated: 12-14-2018

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