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ASTM WK64555

New Test Method for Determination of the Carbon Tetrafluoride (Tetrafluoromethane) Activity of Activated Carbon (Trace Capacity Number Gas Phase or TCNG)

1. Scope

Tetrafluoromethane Activity (TCN) is defined as the ratio, in g/100cc, of the mass of Tetrafluoromethane adsorbed by a volume of activated carbon when the carbon is saturated with Tetrafluoromethane under the conditions of this method.


Acetoxime;AWWA B604


Acetoxime testing was written into the AWWA B604 standard, but in 2008 was moved to the appendix. In the last several years, it was removed from the AWWA B604 standard. Acetoxime number has been used in the municipal water markets as an index of an activated carbon's ability to remove some low molecular weight organic compounds, such as volatile organic chemicals from groundwater. Calgon Carbon has used the TCNG method internally for several years and believes this to better align with groundwater substituents in comparison with typical iodine comparisons and is better suited for customers in the Municipal Water market.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: D28.02

Committee: D28

Staff Manager: Kelly Paul

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Date Initiated: 07-27-2018

Technical Contact: Gina McNamara

Item: 000