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ASTM WK57190

New Test Method for Determining the Drainage Efficiency of Engineered Polymeric Drainage and Ventilation Materials Used as Part of a Rainscreen Assembly

1. Scope

The promotion of knowledge, stimulation of research, development and maintenance of standards and related documents for performance of buildings, their elements, components, including means and methods of fabrication and assembly; and the description, measurement, prediction, improvement, and management of the overall performance of buildings and building-related facilities. The work of this Committee will be coordinated with other ASTM Committees and other organizations having a mutual interest.


11. Keywords:11.1 drainage; drainage efficiency; drainage performance; polymeric drainage and ventilation materials::


When ASTM E2925 was balloted and approve as a material specification, there were two test methods embedded in the standard (Annex A and Annex B). It was agreed during the voting process to split the test methods off and make them stand alone standards. This proposed new test method is to address this commitment and deals with Annex B of ASTM E2925. Once this test method is approved, a proposal will be made to E2925 to reference this test method rather than Annex B.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: E06.55

Committee: E06

Staff Manager: Stephen Mawn

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Date Initiated: 01-06-2017

Technical Contact: Laverne Dalgleish

Item: 001

Ballot: E06.55 (17-01)

Status: Will Reballot Item

Item: 008

Ballot: E06 (18-01)

Status: Negative Votes Need Resolution

Item: 012

Ballot: E06 (17-04)

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