Committee E57 Subcommittees

Staff Manager: Pat Picariello

Subcommittees and Standards

Standards under the jurisdiction of E57

Each main committee in ASTM International is composed of subcommittees that address specific segments within the general subject area covered by the technical committee. Click on the subcommittee links below to see the title of existing standards for each subcommittee. Then, click on the resulting titles to see the standard's scope, referenced documents, and more.

  • E57.01 Division I - Resources
  • E57.02 Division II - Applications of 3D Imaging
  • E57.03 Division III - Active 3D Imaging Technologies
  • E57.04 Division IV - Passive 3D Imaging Technologies
  • E57.05 Division V - Tracking Systems
  • E57.10 Terminology
  • E57.11 Data Interoperability
  • E57.20 Terrestrial Stationary Systems
  • E57.21 Terrestrial Mobile Systems
  • E57.22 Airborne Systems
  • E57.23 Industrial 3D Machine Vision Systems
  • E57.24 Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Systems
  • E57.25 Autonomous Road Vehicle Systems
  • E57.26 Consumer Electronics
  • E57.27 Health
  • E57.28 Forensics
  • E57.30 Active Stereo Systems
  • E57.31 Structured Light Systems
  • E57.32 Time-of-Flight Systems
  • E57.33 Active Monocular Systems
  • E57.34 Laser Line Scanners
  • E57.40 Passive Stereo Systems
  • E57.41 Photogrammetry Systems
  • E57.42 Lightfield Systems
  • E57.43 Passive Monocular Systems
  • E57.50 Optical Tracking Systems
  • E57.90 Executive
  • E57.91 Strategic Planning and Marketing