Committee F36 Scope

Staff Manager: Kevin Shanahan

Committee Scope

The scope of the Committee shall be the development of standards (test methods, practices, guides, specifications, classifications, and terminology) for the:
* Use of underground utilities and their appurtenance for uses other than their originally intended function;
* Application of current technology for the maintenance and repair of underground utilities, and
* Additional design considerations for unique environments.
Specific focuses under this scope include, but are not limited to:
* The installing and operating of optical fiber systems in existing sewer systems. Existing gravity sewer systems shall include sanitary, storm, and combined, and their appurtenances.
* The rehabilitation of sewer systems using chemical grouting. Existing sewer systems shall include sanitary, storm and combined, and their appurtenances; and
* The parameters for design of water systems to incorporate best practices for ensuring their integrity during seismic events. This is inclusive of below-grade water conveyance systems, with exception to the consideration of aboveground cylindrical storage tanks.
The work of the Committee will be coordinated with other ASTM Activities and Committees, and with other organizations having mutual interest.