Committee F07 Scope

Staff Manager: Jamie Huffnagle

Committee Scope

The promotion of knowledge of aerospace, aircraft, and allied industry materials test methods and techniques and the provision of standards for use in industry through their adoption by, or development within, ASTM Committee F07 and by recommendations to other ASTM technical committees or to other technical organizations.
Documentation, including methods of test, recommended practice, nomenclature, specifications, and related technical information developed by this Committee and by others with their consent, will be coordinated, letter balloted, or otherwise promulgated.
Areas of standard developments applicable to this scope, but under the jurisdiction of other ASTM Committees or other organizations are excluded from development by this Committee unless those other technical bodies do not choose to act directly on the development of specific standards needed by the aerospace, aircraft and allied industries. In such cases, Committee F07 may elect to develop, letter ballot, coordinate, and promulgate the needed standards.