Committee F02 Scope

Staff Manager: W Scott Orthey

Committee Scope

The scope of the Committee shall include the development of standards for physical, chemical, and barrier properties of primary barrier packaging materials and the promotion of research in this field. The committee’s focus includes the component materials, their properties, and primary package design, development, and production.

A primary barrier packaging is defined as a package constructed from porous or nonporous barrier materials and designed to control or eliminate the passage of gas vapor, humidity, liquid, microbes, and light into or out from the package and is in direct contact with the contents.

Typical primary barrier packaging materials are papers, nonwovens, plastic films, rigid plastics, glass, and metal foils, used alone, treated, or in various combinations

Typical primary barrier packages include but are not limited to bottles, vials, pouches, blisters, and trays.

Recognition shall be made of related national and international standards with the encouragement of full participation in those activities. Standards under the jurisdiction of other committees shall be used when applicable.