Committee E60 Scope

Staff Manager: Kristy Straiton

Committee Scope

a) The development and revision of standards related to sustainability and sustainable development including:  

  1. The analysis and assessment of attributes of materials, products, and services and how they contribute to sustainability;  

  2. Resilience in the context of preparing for, adapting to, withstanding, and recovering from disruptive events; and  

  3. Measurement and description of the impacts of materials, products, and services on the economy, environment, and society;  

b) The committee’s activities will include  

  1. The stimulation and, where appropriate, support of related research, and the acquisition, promotion, and dissemination of knowledge  

  2. Monitoring the public need for standards development, and proposing new standards as appropriate; and  

  3. Providing support and services as a resource to other ASTM committees