Committee E10 Scope

Staff Manager: Stephen Mawn

Committee Scope

To promote the advancement of nuclear science and technology and the safe application of energy by:
1) Standardizing measurement techniques and specifications for radiation effects and dosimetry including materials response, instrument response, and fuel burnup.
2) Standardizing the nomenclature and definitions used in or relating to testing methods or instruments in support of nuclear industry.
3) Maintaining a broad expertise in application of nuclear science and technology especially the measurement of radiation effects from environments of nuclear reactor, particle accelerators, indigenous space, spacecraft, and radionuclides.
4) Maintaining a broad expertise in the applications of radionuclides.
5) Sponsoring scientific and technical symposia and publications in the Committee's fields of specialization.
6) Performing liaison with related ASTM committees and other technical societies and organizations, both national and international.
Advising other technical committees of the Society in our field of expertise.